Solving Problems and Defining Objectives

As an engineer, I know all too well the burning desire to solve a problem the second the problem statement is made. Most of us love to help solve problems, so we jump right in with possible solutions and often the loudest voice in the room wins the problem solving… Read More

Working Remotely

Telecommuting, virtual teams, more and more people find themselves “working remotely” – a business model we have taken to heart at LeanOptions.  By working remotely with our team and our clients, we are able to improve productivity, efficiency and add value by significantly reducing overhead waste. As an example, last… Read More

Was Steve Lean….?

This is an absolutely fantastic read that is definitely thought provoking and a great conversation piece..!! Steve Jobs leaves behind a legacy matched by very few, and his continuous pursuit of improvement set him apart from competitors time and time again.

Which One Should I Use?

How many times have you gone to perform a business function and were unsure of which software application to use?    The Digital Energy Journal recently explored the concept of Increasing productivity by taking away software with Ed Evans, co-founder and Managing Director of New Digital Business (NDB).  In the article… Read More

Leadership & Responsibility?

It goes without saying that value stream managers are still a rare breed and often misunderstood by peers and often unsure of their own sense of responsibility. All leaders, especially an effective value stream manager, can only lead successfully via credibility and no longer through fear and a job title. Check… Read More

Children’s Hospital Takes a Walk

The Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is “Getting Lean”…by taking a Gemba walk.  In designing a new facility the hospital decided to “cut the fat” by looking at current processes (from admission to discharge) and challenging the way things are done.  As with every Gemba walk the goal is to add… Read More