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As the amount of data being generated from systems grows exponentially, this is allowing for the performance of analysis on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in ways never before imaginable. While the majority of information management and analysis efforts have traditionally been focused on specific systems and conducted by the specialized resources using those systems, this has made it more difficult for information to flow easily. The resulting analysis and other information that should flow to other groups throughout the enterprise, often ends up stuck in the system or department that generated it, or worse yet, is only available to a single individual.

With email, online information sources, smart phone applications and so forth becoming a part of everyday life, there is more and more data being passed around. Information is being lost and little to no knowledge or value is being provided to the end consumer. The duplication of efforts and loss of information is costly.

We believe in utilizing technology to help companies achieve their performance goals. We also believe that without a solid Information Management Plan and well documented supporting business processes, a large percentage of information goes to waste in many organizations.

Through application of methodologies such as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) and applying this in real world scenario’s, we have witnessed improvements first hand when enterprises take the time to clearly understand their existing business processes and the supporting flow of information.  It is imperative to clearly understand where things are today, before you can move forward towards change tomorrow.